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Baby, it's warm inside!!!

Well, here we are in the midst of winter. How did we get here? As I write this, the beautiful magical snow is covering the ground, the outside temps are in the low to mid teens-forecasted to drop in the single digits tonight, BUT baby it's warm inside (sort of anyway). And all I have to say is thank goodness.

Are you home during this snowy weather or do you have to be at work? Maybe you don't have to drive to work but you have to switch gears and work from home? For 25 years I drove an hour to and from work in some of the craziest weather. I'll never forget the worst time I ever drove home in the crazy snowy weather. I worked 12 hour shifts and of course that night we were an hour or two late which was fairly typical. Snow was coming down like a hard rain. There was already an accumulation of 4-6 inches of snow. My snow mobile for the night was my trusty front wheel drive 2005 Toyota Camry. Even though there was very little clearance between it and the snow, I was bound and determined to get home that night or die trying. The local roads hadn't been plowed and I knew the interstate would be the first to be plowed so I thought it was the best choice to get home in the accumulating snow. Needless to say, it was a rough trip home that night. By the time I got to the interstate it had easily accumulated to 6 inches and the tractor trailers with their heavy load flying past me it really felt more like 9 inches. Yes, I felt like a fool for trying but I had 2 babies at home that were waiting for their Mommy- for them I would have driven through fire, foolish or not. The windshield washer fluid was frozen. Wet snow and salt residue dried to my window as I had the defroster on full blast making my visibility just a figment of my imagination. But I continued because there wasn't any better choice. Little by little the roads to home got closer and closer and finally I pulled in my driveway and opened the door to a warm home. Today I am thankful there is no more pressure to drive in crazy weather to get to and from work. My heart goes out to those of you who still do-I truly do understand.

So with gratitude in this warm house, I use the cold winter months for mostly planning for the upcoming season. I plan which flowers I want to grow-some new and some are my old favorites-this is my most favorite dreamy thing to do as I scour all the new seed catalogues coming in the mail and also some of the ones I loved from last season. I also order seeds, draw out garden plans, complete online classes I have signed up for late fall to help me learn more about flower farming, and put together our workshops and farm event plans. But I am also outside some too. Since we have the high tunnel now and have some plants started in there, I have weeds to pull. Yes you read that right- there are weeds. They are under the same cozy bed my plants are and they think they deserve the space. I don't mind pulling weeds when it's 45 degrees in there and 25 outside because the sides are closed and there is no wind. And believe it or not, seed starting is around the corner-actually next week is when I need to start if all my supplies are here. So even though it's hard to imagine a lot going on here in the cold of winter it really does. The pleasing and deliberate quiet of the winter helps to build on all the excitement of the upcoming spring flowers. It all just warms my heart! Hope you stay warm too!

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