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About Petal Seekers Flower Farm  

     Hi! My name is Angie and I'm the hands and feet behind Petal Seekers Flower Farm in Park, Ky. I have a deep passion for everything flowers and nature and a great love for people. I've tried to bring that together in Petal Seekers Flower Farm.

     Flowers speak a language all their own- that language transcends time, place, and any spoken word  -words are never necessary. For me, flowers are the expression of what is deep within my soul-a celebration of the joy and miracle of life.     

     Let me tell you where my story begins-it doesn't begin with flower farm. It begins with flower picker extraordinaire. I grew up as a child picking my grandmother's and neighbors's flowers-not for my enjoyment but to give and share back to those special people. My passion for flowers and nature stems from those dear grandmothers' love of gardening, a dear older cousin's love of nature, and my mother sharing so much of the outside with me.      I grew up wanting to help others so I followed that passion by pursuing a nursing degree and worked as a Registered Nurse for almost 25 years. Early in my nursing career I chose to go back to college to pursue a horticulture degree but stopped short and put my flower dreams in my back pocket to begin the joy of raising a family. 

     In 2021, with a job change, an opportunity arose and I ran with reckless abandon after that dream of working with flowers once again and I haven't looked back. I operate and manage the flower farm with help from my husband, Brad, daughter, Madison, son, Landon, and my Mom, Janet.​

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