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It May be June

Do you ever feel that life is way moving too fast? Well obviously I do. I completely missed the May blog and made myself sit and write this so I wouldn't miss another one. I know my "busyness" is not unique. I have so many friends going here and there and everywhere that it makes my head spin thinking how they do it all and keep it together and organized. In this season of life I feel like I can't keep up sometimes. Case in point-have you gotten any rain lately? If you said no you must not live in southcentral Kentucky. We have gotten so much rain here that it has put most crop farmers crazy behind-me too. We have some beautiful stuff blooming but many things bloomed early and then it was hard to get other crops planted when the rain started-not to mention I have had mosquitoes try to pack me off at lease twice. Well enough about being crazy behind-everybody gets behind in life and I've found there is purpose to it. Maybe it's to help reevaluate choices or set new priorities or to completely stop doing something that really has no benefit to your life at all (I would love to include weeding in this but weeding provides me with much needed garden therapy and helps me clear my mind).

So what to do in the garden in June? Well it's a good time to cut back the foliage of your daffodils (narcissus). It's best to let them yellow before cutting them. When they are green they photosynthesize and that's how they add energy (more blooms) to what you will see next season. I am tempted to cut my Iris back now but they are still mostly green-however you can cut the stems with spent flowers and seed heads back and that will not harm the plant. And it's not too late still to direct seed sunflowers and zinnias and many other garden vegies. June is a great month to get going in the garden so you can reap the benefits of the harvest in just a few short months. Right now I am pulling up my ranunculus and anemone corms to save for replanting this fall. I have done that before with the ranunculus but not the anemone so this will be an experiment for sure. Of course these are planted in our high tunnel so that is something to consider if you want to grow them next season-many people in our area presprout these in the spring for those beautiful spring blooms. I hope you enjoy your June and very productive this warm season. And keep your eyes peeled for butterflies! See you soon!

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