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It's Fall Y'all!

Fall. The season symbolic of change. Whether it's the beautiful sight of the leaves changing to a rainbow of God's majestic colors to the slight chilly dip in the temp we feel that sends us digging out our favorite fall sweater or jacket, we all know fall is here and coming. For some, it's the pumpkin spice that gets them going-for me, it's the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Germ-X from Bath and Body Works. Yes, you read that right-I am a smeller of fall smells, not a taster of fall tastes (sorry y'all, I don't like coffee. Shocker I know!).

So, as I stand in awe of the beautiful show of fall tones before my very eyes, in the back of my mind I start to think about how nature outside slowly appears to come to a stand still during this season. I can see where some would think things look devoid of life and that nothing is going on. But I see the beauty of the crispy leaves and flowers-a reminder of a different beauty that was there just a season before and if all goes as expected I will get to see that glorious reminder of beauty again in the spring.

The change of seasons is certainly reminiscent of life, don't you think? But wherever you are in life, beauty still abounds. My favorite book I have ever read is the Holy Bible. And in Ecclesiates Chapter 3 verses 1-8 it begins "To everything there is a season....". Such popular words-words in lyrics, maybe words you've heard from a dear friend trying to console you in a time of grief to remind you hard times don't last forever. There is so much beauty in those words- beauty of life not just in what we see but in the things that are unseen. A season. A season of life. The real beauty lies beneath our physical form in how we are transformed by that season of life. The hope as we come out of each of theses "seasons" is that we are somehow better, maybe more resilient than the previous season and ready to help others take on their "seasons" as well.

There are a lot of changes I didn't see coming the past few years but they still happened-like the job transition I've experienced the last couple of years. There was a lot of grieving. Grieving over who I thought I was and what I thought the world wanted me to do. No one could have told me I was going to become a flower farmer and I would have never believed it. I would have laughed in their face but secretly I would have hoped for that change. In fact, I still laugh when I tell people what I do now. But I will also tell you this has been one of the most beautiful soul-filled changes of my entire life. And I am so grateful that it has become part of my journey. My transformation . Find joy in your journey, friends!!!

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