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Petal Seekers Garden Journal

The Never Ending Struggle with Weeds

Weeds. We all have them don't we. The beautiful picture of snapdragons above does just a great job of hiding. But let me assure you, the weeds are there. Just when I think I have pulled every last one of them, I go back, and there are more. Then they multiply. Weeds!

Well, really what are weeds? A quick little google of what weeds are will tell you a weed is just a general term for any plant growing where it is not wanted. Now, any true gardener may or may not agree with that but I can assure you just the mention of the word will conjure up thoughts of hours of work on the knees. But is a weed just an unwanted plant?

Well, weeds can take many forms. Obviously the aforementioned weeds refered to the garden weeds. But really weeds can be figurative as well. Weeds can really just be a metaphor of the stuff that gets in the way of us living life- the things that keep us from living the life we want to live. It could be the way we waste time or energy or money. Or maybe its the stuff that keeps us unhappy that we just ignore. Sometimes it's stress, or relationships or mismanagement of our health-I hear that loud and clear.

I think all of us would agree we don't like weeds. To keep them out of them garden you have to keep them from growing or be diligent about pulling them up. Frequently. Weekly. Sometimes daily. But if we ignore them they continue to grow and it takes so many more resources in time, energy, or money to get them under control-whether in the garden or elsewhere in our lives. So do yourself a favor and pick a weed causing some disruption in your life. Take a little time and come up with a plan to get it under control. Let's do this! I can do this. You can do it! We can do it together! No more weeds!

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