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Petal Seekers Garden Journal-February

Shadows. Do you think that's something crazy to write about in the depths of winter? I don't think so. When I was a child I was mesmerized by my shadow. No doubt, we have all witnessed a child discovering their shadow-can anything be more sweet? With the crazy groundhog going to make his debut soon, we all are familiar with his shadow, right? Cold, dark days outside-sometimes winter can seem like one big shadow.

Many people equate shadows with something dark and sinister- something hidden not to be known by others. Others relate them as people who are like them or always around-like the big brother to the little brother. The little brother is the older brother's "shadow". This pic is a picture of one of our dog's Gracie or "Grace" as we lovingly refer to her as. She is definitely my shadow when I'm busy outside. Sometimes with one step backwards in which I did not look I will trip over her. But there is nothing dark and sinister about her I can assure you. She is a bright ray of sunshine and is always happy to see you-some of you known this first hand when you have visited us here at the farm.

Shadows can really be fascinating though (as long as the sun is out anyway). They change shape and length as the Earth rotates. It's crazy to think how sundials work but it all depends on the shadow( by the way-I have never been able to tell time on one very well). You can even have 2 shadows -have 2 people shine a light on you from 2 different directions and you will see. And shadows can be different colors-they really can. Shadows add mystery and intrigue to art and to life-kind of like flowers. Flowers can be mysterious-think of that stinky Titan arum, the "corpse flower". When in flower it releases a really stinky smell like rotting meat. Seriously. Look it up. Or think about how intriguing it is to think about how a sunflower turns its head to face to face the sun-lots of flowers do this.

Well, I personally like shadows because it means the sun is out. I need the sun. I am ready for spring. And I hope there is a cloudy day when Phil comes out so he can't see his shadow. No, I'm not superstitious. I just get a kick out of Phil. He is cute. Have you every watched a groundhog walk. It's just so funny.

OK. Enough of my silliness. February is a great time to prune back your panicle hydrangeas -like Lime Light, Little Limes, Bobo, etc. All these type of hydrangeas grow and bloom on new wood. So do it now so you will have bigger blooms this upcoming growing season. Make sure you know what type of hydrangea you have before you cut it back because if you don't, cutting the wrong type back now will forsake your blooms this year. And you will be sad. Also late winter/early spring is the best time to prune back your roses-mid Feb is when I will prune mine. And when you get done, you will know spring will be here soon! See you next time, Friends!

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